Thursday, April 3, 2014

Month of Poetry, 2014, Day 3: Love in Stitches

Love in Stitches

Fringed afghan
twisted strands
of yarn yellow thick as spaetzle
(crocheted by the grandmother who doesn't remember my name)

Baby booties
tasseled slippers
size infant to adult in every rainbow color
(knitted by the grandmother dead more than half my life)

Patchwork quilt
frayed yellow fabric
pinwheels cut from childhood dresses
(sewn by my mother in time to drape my dorm-room bed)

I cut squares 
triangles of many-colored fabric
knit woolen cabled hats on bamboo needles
(because women in my family say "love" in stitches)


  1. The mare's smell pulls me to her.
    Strong, earth, air, running, alimentary, elementary,
    Can I wear it?

    Winter's back is broken. The sub-arctic guard
    hairs fall, stick, float.

    Old now, she limps a bit. Left front.
    Shoulder probably. Wish it were a hoof.
    That, maybe I could fix.

    She bears me up hills and down,
    Wants to buck and run, like a filly.
    Shakes her head at the
    Heavy saddle, older than she.

    Forgiving. What more can I ask?

  2. Wonderful, Lee! Thanks for playing along!


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