Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend Things: Signs of Spring III

Friday night two boys at their friend's to watch The Hobbit while C, M, and I watched Young Frankenstein. Why is it that all of the humor in those seventies comedies is sexual? Rain all day Saturday and I went from dropping one kid off at baseball tryouts (indoor) to a nice quiet breakfast by myself at Sheepscot General to running errands (ridiculously happy about a new shower curtain) and a spa party at a friends. C made syrup all weekend and my piles of squares grew.

The sun came out Sunday, helping melt most of the snow from the yard. 

And convincing some people it was warm enough to play in the hose,

and wear t-shirts and throw water balloons.

The woods still harbor snow.

But the beech leaves are starting to fall, which means they're getting ready to grow new ones.

And the river is breaking free of winter's hold.

(Don't worry, it's not nearly as dangerous as it looks)

Those who passed on falling into the frigid water had a better idea: sunbathing.

I saw our resident phoebe near the house when we got back,

And I heard Canada geese flying over yesterday morning.

I can't exactly say anything new and green is growing out there (not to my eyes anyway), but 61 degrees sure feels like spring.

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