Friday, April 4, 2014

Month of Poetry, 2014, Day 4: The Baby Just Wants to Stand

The Baby Just Wants to Stand

We wake late
       that Tuesday
            sun streaming on guest room sheets.

The baby
       --four months and all he wants to do is stand--
            and I
                 so far from home.

On TV planes crash
     buildings fall
           again and again
                is it real?

The baby bounces on my knees
      --only four months and look at him stand!

Planes crash
     buildings fall
           our plane leaves in two days.

How can he know war will punctuate his whole life?
     (the first twelve years, anyway)
          war that barely makes a dent here.
               war whose end barely makes a dent there.

Planes crash
     buildings fall
          and the baby just wants to stand.

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