Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekend Things: Slowly but Surely

The weekend brought one day in the seventies.

A balmy day of melting snow,

Rushing river,

And blue blue skies.

C finished making the maple syrup--and the season did not turn out to be the bust he feared.

And we toasted marshmallows in the evaporator stove box.

This picture sums up this time of year perfectly: snow plow on the left, bike and beach chair on the right, boys in t-shirts.

Sunday we had some April showers and M played a mini concert at the pub.

While a few little emissaries of spring popped up in the yard.

Of course, we've had sun and more rain and snow and more sun and 23 degree mornings since the weekend, but the red winged blackbirds are back and the peepers are peeping in the evening (when it's not too too cold). More and more I see spring as not a steady state, but a slow shifting, with a little back-and-forth. Maybe all the seasons are like that.

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