Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Instant Collection

I mentioned last week that part of my suite of coping mechanisms for dealing with March in Maine involved rash purchasing on Etsy.

It all began with my search for a spring tablecloth.  While scrolling through pages of vintage tablecloths, I ran across several with  Mexican and/or Southwestern designs.

I've always wanted one of these (outdoors, I may be in New England, but inside I'm in the Four Corners), so I did a few searches and came up with several lovelies in a reasonable price range (though I'm sorry to admit that I tend to be willing to pay a little more online than I am in real life...don't know why that is).

At fist, I ordered three, but then, somehow, two more added themselves to my collection (there are still three or four more in my Favorites, that may work their way into my collection after all.

This is a prime example of an impractical collection, since not one of them is big enough to cover my table (two might, just barely, if I took the leaf out).

I wondered, too (belatedly), if the ones that portray people perpetuate cultural stereotypes?  I like to think they celebrate the culture, but that's just me justifying my purchase.

I do think they're lovely, though, don't you?

I briefly considered opening a Mexican restaurant, with rough pine tables custom-built to fit the table-clothes, and covered in thick glass to protect them.  Then I thought, maybe I'll just have a Cinco de Mayo party, instead (for which I'll need these, and some of these).

What have you been collecting lately?

1 comment:

  1. Just minor injuries and worries, I think...

    The tablecloths are pretty.


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