Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Month of Poetry, Day 27

The Limitations of Facebook

I cannot friend you,
dear friend
There is no people search
that will hit on your name
Not even Google 
can reach you now
(I've tried)
Which is the trouble
with expecting technology
to fix everything
To bridge continents
And span time

The last time I saw you
In your grim Iowa apartment
I gifted you a poster
of green water and red desert
that I dug out from the back of 
our road-weary Volvo
that it could color the
bleakness of your 
internal landscape as well

Yet, in the way of
young people on the move
(before Facebook)
I lost touch with you
And when my Christmas card
returned, undeliverable
I knew you were freed from
your impenetrable loneliness

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