Friday, April 22, 2011

Month of Poetry, Day 22

Reflections on Maine from Philadelphia

It is probably cliche
to notice
how, in the city,
humanity's highs
and lows
come together
to lock elbows

In the streets
the pillared buildings
exalting art
and science
and the humble brick ones
revering history,
we push through
the throng and rush
of bodies
painted with the
broad brush of
social stratification

Beneath stone and
bronze effigies to greatness,
business men on Bluetooth
and crazy homeless men
both mumble
like monks reciting

Past them
swish high heels
in spring coats
and heavy ankles
toting cheap shopping bags

I can't help thinking
about the place
where I live--
where art and history
are hidden away
and human suffering,
instead of looking me
in they eye to ask for
a dollar,
crouches in the
shadow of crumbling
trailer houses
I speed by
on country roads

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