Friday, April 29, 2011

Month of Poetry, Day 29

For E

(by a minute)
and smallest
(by an inch)
you might be
easy to overlook
look over and
forget the end
of the line you
might be the last
one to do anything
everything ho-hum
seen it all before
except I've never
before seen orange-
fleece-pants striped-
turtleneck rainbow-
legwarmers inside-
underwear and shirts
just as likely as
never before have
I heard anyone
whistle through
his top lip a broad-
winged hawk song
never before did
I know anyone who
could play kickball
and chest or Uno all
day (as long as someone
lets him win) never
before did I hear
language as inside-
as your clothes:
opposed to 
and my favorite
Hammerhead Lincoln
youngest and
smallest you
also happen to
be the loudest
just to make sure
we don't fail to
notice you to
see and hear you
and know that you
are there and you
are loved

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