Sunday, April 24, 2011

Month of Poetry, Day 24

Come to me,
Come to me where I lie
Barefoot on the futon
Sun streaming in the west windows
Nose in a book, as they used to say

Come to me
Through my red pen
On the back of an envelope
This back-of-the envelope calculation
Calculation of my soul's cadence

Poem, poem
I know you are there
Lurking in the laundry
Fluttering on the line outside
Waiting in the wind-bent trees

Are you bubbling
In the red potatoes
Simmering in the Swiss chard pie
Lying in wait in the lemon cake?

Poem, poem
I am impatient
For your sinuous syllables
Your heart-beat rhythms
Your sit-up-and-listen lines

I put down my book
I am waiting

Come to me
I am yours

1 comment:

  1. You are amazing this month! You are going to end up with a book!


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