Friday, April 1, 2011

Month of Poetry, Day 1: Snow Poems

April is National Poetry Month and I've taken of the challenge of writing (and posting here) a poem a day.  There's no requirement that they have to be good poems, so sorry to make you suffer through the duds, but posting here gives me some motivation and accountability.

Today the boys and I had a snow day, so we had a little snow poem writing session.  M agreed, as long as they wouldn't be "those poems that don't rhyme or have a certain number of syllables or anything."  Yoiks, I never knew he was such a traditionalist.  Better not let him see any of my poems!

I had thought I'd lead them in a guided poetry-writing activity from a book, but M had an idea and jumped right in, while E and Z are just a little too young to get it.

M's Poem:

The Snowshoe Hare

Fast through the snow runs the snowshoe hare
It runs to a cave, for it lives there
Best are its feet for running through snow
It gets there fast, wherever it might go
The bobcat races it to its nest,
A place of warm and sleep and rest
It enters its home with a sigh,
Especially sore it its left thigh
The rabbit sleeps safely in its home
And that is the end of this nature poem

Z's poem:

The snowy owl flies through the trees
'Cause it's really pleased
It flies at night with its flight
It flies at night on wings of white
The snowshoe hare
Running away from a bear

E's poem:

The owl eats what it caught
The owl threw upt pellets
Some animal ate the pellets
The end

My poem:

April Fools

The snow comes
Right on time
But no one listens to me
So the grocery lines
Snake, blinking surprised
On the last day of March
Expectations of daffodils
Buried under mounds
Of batteries and bottled water
My bananas, meanwhile,
Rock smugly in the cart,
As if to say, "April Fools!"

And for a bonus, here's an actual snow poem that I wrote a few years ago:

Snowflakes flutter
To the ground and
Listen for the hum
Of their brothers
And, blinking
Into the night
Imagine themselves
Into a mountain

Are you feeling poetic this month?  Leave a link in the comments to your April poem(s).


  1. What a great challenge. I'm looking forward to reading the results.

  2. Wonderful! I am impressed by your challenge, but don't think I could manage it this time of year. I am going to try to get some poetry out there, though!

  3. LSM--It was a rather rash decision that I regretted almost immediately, but I'm going to forge on! Wish me luck.

  4. Aaww. I <3 Z's poem. It reminds me of W.C. Williams (a 5 y.o. W.C. but W.C. none the less :-)). Thanks for the reminder of Nat'l poetry month, otherwise it would have slipped me by.


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