Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I have a dream and this is it. You have to go look at the picture, because it’s perfect for our house, and the plans say I can build it with little or no woodworking experience and just a few simple tools. What’s that you say? Isn’t my husband a carpenter? Why yes he is, but he says, and I quote, “It’s so friggin’ ugly.” I should note that what we have going now—a queen-size mattress on the floor—is really a marvel of stylish décor and I’m truly amazed House Beautiful isn’t beating down my door just begging to photograph it.

I didn’t set out to thrust three children in one bed—it was a solution that just sort of found itself. When E and Z were barely one-and-a-half, they learned to climb out of (and into) the crib and would go in and out, in and out, until one day Z nose-dived onto the wood floor. I immediately dismantled the crib and replaced it with our “spare bed”—the queen-sized mattress—on the floor next to our bed. When M started asking if he could sleep in our room with his brothers, I figured, why not move them ALL to M’s room. So C carted M’s mattress—an old, nasty, mushy, springy thing—and box-spring—an even older and nastier thing that was about two inches smaller than the mattress all the way around—off to the dump and the boys have been sleeping three in a row ever since (except when they sleep three-, four-, or five-in-a-row in my room).

I figure, if it was good enough for the Ingalls, it’s good enough for us. Besides, I think it’s somewhat outrageous that the average house size has grown more than twofold in my lifetime, just because we are horrified by the idea of our children actually having to share space. However, a year-and-a-half down the road, I think it’s about time M had his own bed—somewhere he can spread out his Pokemon cards and read his comic books and not be clobbered by his two brothers. I asked him a few days ago if he was ready for his own bed and he said yes, he was. I know from experience of having slept on both the top and bottom of a bunk bed that they are a pain in the patootie to make, but with three boys in a 12x16 foot bedroom it seems the only logical option. I thought I could enlist him in the effort to sway C in favor of the triple-decker-bunkbed, but when I showed him the picture, he said he’d be afraid he’d fall off the top (I’m actually afraid his brothers would leap off the top). So I guess it’s be just me and my skill saw and my 7th grade shop experience. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

P.S. A new Capital Walks post is up.


  1. Wow. Those are really amazing. S & C are very happy with their new bed arrangements. Now F, on the other hand, is not interested in anything having to do with sleep these days: pajamas, bed, nap or night-time... Someday I will be complaining that he sleeps until noon, right?

    Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing your building project photos. However, I gotta say, "C'mon now, C. You do carpentry for others. You could help out your wife here" but I don't live with him :)

  2. Oh one more thing. Look at this bottom quote from the website:

    "We ordered triple bunk bed plans... Our 3 sons are sleeping tonight for the first time in their triple bunk beds! They turned out wonderfully! We are now assembling our second set...3 of our daughters cannot wait till we put theirs together! They are so incredibly sturdy! I have no doubt that they will hold up to the wear and tear of an active family! Thanks for all you do!"

    from Carla in Hillsboro, MO

    So clearly this family has at least seven kids....

  3. Hi, MadreZ here, loved this post (as I cruise your excellent blog for the 1st time)! Amazing you write 2 blogs plus zine!!!
    I like the small house concept and am also appalled at the huge houses everyone needs for their 1-2 kids. We have devoted the largest room to playroom/living room space in the past 7 years (2 houses and 1 apt)and it works well. we'll seee as kids age, but I'm surely not buying a bigger house because they each need a room?! We have bunk beds for older 2, I'm intrigued w/the bunks for 3, though w/4 kids two ordinary bunk beds should be ok for us.
    I love your focus on simplicity and anti-consumerism. I'd love to read more, but don't have a laptop for the subway (my primary reading time) (theft risk anyway) so keep up with the zine please!


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