Tuesday, November 18, 2008

50 Things I Love

As I approach my bloggiversary, I was thinking about writing a snarky post about how much I've accomplished over the last year, like growing my blog readership from about 4 to about, er, 4, but then I decided even I am getting tired of my own crankiness and in an effort to not alienate all four of my readers, I thought I'd write something positive, soooo, inspired by Pixiegenne, who wrote a list of 100 things she loves. The trouble is, I've been working on this all week and I'm only up to 5o, and most of those are variations on "bright colors" and "sugary desserts" (hey--it's harder than it looks!). Maybe the other 50 will come to me next week.

1. Cheese enchiladas
2. Hammocks
3. Lilacs
4. Strawberries
5. Yellow kitchens
6. Fiesta ware
7. Colored glass
8. Comfy shoes
9. Lemon desserts
10. Kids' drawings
11. Chartreuse (the color)
12. Wind chimes
13. Mountains
14. Blue sky
15. Fall leaves
16. Stripes
17. Swimming
18. Salty skin
19. Dandelions
20. Beer cheese soup
21. Wood floors
22. Beach rocks
23. Fresh air
24. Bird songs
25. Butterflies
26. Butterfingers
27. My old hooded sweatshirt
28. Fruit trees
29. Naps
30. Libraries
31. Blank notebooks
32. Warm winter coats
33. Kids that barf in the toilet
34. Mexican tile
35. Embroidered ribbon
26. Fleece
27. Hot baths
28. Road trips
29. Hikes
30. Mittens
31. Yarn
32. Crayons
33. Lazy days at the beach
34. Fancy desserts
35. Whipped cream
36. Angora socks
37. Honey
38. The desert
39. Getting mail
40. Summer
41. Toffee
42. Rainbow stripes
43. Sleeping in
44. Books
45. Lavender
46. Beeswax candles
47. Silk long johns
48. Warm vanilla pudding
49. Baby heads
50. Paper dolls


  1. The first warm breeze of the spring season, that balmy air moving against your skin, which always feels so much better, so much more decadent, than you ever remembered it could.

    Chocolate. Dark, almost-bitter chocolate, with peanut butter smeared on top.

    The smell of fresh baked bread. In your own kitchen, best of all.

    The way a toddler can fold into your own body when snuggling, reminding you that you can still be, for tiny moments at a time, one body.

    Sitting down to a Will Ferrell movie with kids and a big bowl of popcorn on a Friday night.

    A breeze rustling the curtains of an open window in summer time.

    Bare feet in a cold stream.

    Lilacs. You said that, but it deserves to be said twice.

    Walking in from the snow to the smell and sight of a roaring fire.

    Doing a cartwheel in the sun, even though you can't do cartwheels anymore, just because you are alone in your yard, and the sun is shining, and it feels like the right thing to do.

    Planting a seed in the earth, and having it miraculously grow. Nasturtiums are so good for this, because they are so easy, and then they grow and grow and grow.

    Old friends that you haven't seen for so long you almost forgot why how much you love them.

    Little white Christmas lights when everything else is dark.


    Sleeping children, the way their chests move up and down.

    Also: I actually just linked to it in a post, but I'll give you the link directly here. If you're ever wondering why you blog, and if it matters, read Wild Surmise over at breed 'em and weep. http://www.breedemandweep.com/?p=446

  2. I love blogging. I'd say why, but Andrew Sullivan already did better than I ever will.

  3. Umm. I love blogging. I especially love it when the links I set take readers to the right page.
    Try this, please.

  4. Cool list. Wish I had some enchiladas...


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