Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This & That

1. Another skirt:

This is the one I made last year, that was too snug (especially after mysterious expansion that has taken place around my hip/butt/gut area over the last year). Last night, after much cleaning and adjusting of the machine in an attempt to get the tension right, I ripped out the zipper (which is actually a much more slow, painful process than it sounds), cut off the top 3-4 inches, added a bias tape waistband (which I like so much more than the facing it replaced), and sewed the rick-rack around the bottom (because I had meant to do that in the first place, but lost the rick-rack). Now I can wear it around my waist, rather than my lower ribs, which makes it much easier to sit down, and it's still a respectable enough length to wear to work. Yay!

2. After our kids spent time with various relatives this weekend, C and I have decided to make them T-shirts with basic care instructions printed in large, bold type across the front:


3. When I dropped M off for his Old Fort Western Apprenticeship camp this morning, the area where the children meet (around the flag pole in front of City Hall, Augusta), had one of those white "herbicides sprayed here don't let children or pets anywhere near" signs stuck in the gravel. I told M not to go anywhere near the area, but all of the other children happily trooped in and around the gravel. When their period-costumed leader of the day arrived, I asked her if she knew where exactly the spraying had occurred, she had no idea. I went inside to the front desk, but neither the receptionist or the assistant planner had any clue what had been sprayed, where or why the leaders of the children's program that meets in that exact area twice a day was not notified of the spraying and directed to meet elsewhere. Additionally, they did not appear to give a f*** and were giving me that "this woman is hysterical" look. By the time I returned outside, the herbicide application sign had been flattened by trodding feet. I ask you, are a few bits of green stuff growing out of an ugly gravel patch around three ugly flag poles so offensive that we need to expose children (and everyone else) to poison?


  1. 1. That skirt is SO cute & I love (& recognize those clogs).

    2. Oh please, let me make your boys those shirts. PLEASE. Really....

    3. Unbelievable the lack of coordination there & more important, the lack of concern by the camp folk....

    p.s. I met J.P. today!

  2. Sara:
    1. Thank you!
    2. Seriously? Yes!
    3. Urgh...still irritated.
    P.S. Ohhhh! So lucky...I think I might get a chance next Friday. Is he A-Dorable?

  3. The skirt is cute! The t-shirt idea hilarious (myself, I have no problem with relatives preaching Jesus but I do worry a little that the kids, with their highly liberal and fairly universalist brand of Christianity, will respond in ways that offend the proselytizers - and I do have issues with scary Old Testament stories where God kills Egyptian babies, etc.).

    That camp thing would have made me super mad.

  4. LSM--I guess I need to teach my children a similar highly liberal and universalist religion (rather than pretending religion doesn't exist) in order that they WILL offend relatives who have zero concept of boundaries.

  5. Well, not unless you feel it. I don't think getting into a religion "for the kids" is ever a really good idea. It is convenient that we have a belief system that can happily encompass most of the stuff that people will tell kids in our own way, but occasionally people still will dip into that OT stuff that I just think is too scary for little kids and that we would interpret in vastly different ways than would more literally-minded relations. I try to remember that the really literally minded ones are trying to help us, even if we disagree. I tend to feel less touchy about that stuff than the proselytizers feel, so I tend to be more concerned about their feelings, knowing how shocking my kids can be(:


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