Monday, November 30, 2009


Feeling gratitude isn't my strong point, so it's nice to be reminded to do so once a year. Growing up, Thanksgiving was about creating the perfect meal served at exactly 2 p.m. at my grandmother's dining room table, with her jumping up every five seconds, followed by the male members of the family retiring to watch football and the females (who spent two days cooking the meal) retiring to the kitchen to wash dishes (by hand of course, since leaded crystal and Grandma's china couldn't go in the dishwasher). Usually someone had a big meltdown at the dinner table, thanks to all of the built-up holiday stress. At least once it was me.

So I am very thankful that we spent Thanksgiving with friends--a more relaxing and pleasant holiday would be hard to imagine.

I'm thankful for the little woodland-to-ocean walk (this is our friends' neighborhood!!) we took the boys on the next day :

(E and Z loved this little "gnome throne" cut from a tree stump)

and for boys who love to dig in sand, even when it's misting and their mama is freezing,

I'm thankful for cute little stores with fantastic finds (these are from Under the Dogwood Tree and Lilac Lily, both in Southwest Harbor):

Although I'm not thankful that I lost my Noro spiral hat (instant Karma, I suppose, for participating in Black Friday and only buying stuff for me).

I'm thankful for going to a wonderful yoga class Friday night that resulted in my shoulder not hurting for the first time in months (followed by fondue for dinner--yum!).
I'm thankful for a little knitting time, both with my friend and on the drive home that allowed me to make one silly gnome hat (two more to go!)


  1. Sounds like a great holiday. We've done our family duty now (P's side) so will hunker down here for Christmas. I hope that we will NOT host a big crowd this year after hosting a number of family members & local folks without other places to go last year.

    We have friends who will join us for part of the day-- but no pressure kind of friends who have kids close in ages to our guys (& they all get along). Doesn't that sound just right?

    Someday, will my sons be celebrating the fact that they can celebrate their holidays without dealing with their parents?!

  2. The instant karma thing cracks me up. The rest looks gorgeous, and peaceful, and yes, much to be thankful for. You live in a beautiful part of the country.


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