Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tiny AND Happy

I have been a long-time admirer (okay, lurker) of the work of Melissa at Tiny Happy. She makes the most wonderful bits of nature-inspired embroidery. I pop over to her blog every day just for a little image of something lovely. And, actually, her baby shoes made from vintage linens have on more than one occasion nearly convinced me that maybe I need just one more kid. And her wonderful foraging satchels inspired our EarthScouts bags (which are, admittedly, nowhere near as beautiful as hers). I'm waiting for her to make a book of all of her embroidery so that I can just lie in bed and take it in, computer-free.

However, I have never ordered anything from her Etsy shop. Maybe it just seemed so extravagant to have something shipped from New Zealand (or Norway, where she lived before), even though the shipping is no more than from a US shop (i.e. super cheap), or maybe I was just shy (similar to the way I have a hard time going up to a house that has a sign "zucchini for sale" on the front yard). Whatever the reason, I've passed up many really beautiful and original works. Until last week, when I got this package in the mail:

A little zippered bag embroidered with pussywillows, wrapped up with a hand-drawn card and a tiny packet of vintage sewing needles.
For some reason, I knew it was right when I saw it. When I ordered it, I thought I might use it for storing double-pointed knitting needles, or organizing jewelry, or as a travel bag. But it is too nice to store away somewhere, so now I use it as a purse and get to look at it, and touch the lovely linen every day.

A tiny thing, but it makes me happy!


  1. i love tiny happy too - and i think it's wonderful that you honored melissa and yourself with a purchase! the book idea is great - what dimensions would it have to be though? to get close-ups of that embroidery and to be called 'tiny'?


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