Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn To-Do List

Yes, yes, I know it's not officially autumn yet, but once school starts, it kind of feels like the end of summer, know what I mean? I just looked over my Summer T0-Do List and I'd say I scored a 50% (good thing it doesn't count for a grade!). I have a couple of weeks left in which to squeeze a few more items (another trip to the beach, perhaps? And that dang summer blouse, which is cut out but not sewn). But it also feels like time to start a list of things I want to do this fall:

In the Kitchen
Make cheese
Make a meal schedule/plan
Get up early Sunday a.m. and make bread and a healthful baked good for school snacks.

In the Sewing Corner
Make a table runner
Make bedroom curtains
Start planning Christmas gift making

In the Writing Corner
Finish and submit one essay
Produce another issue of GEMINI

In the Home
Do a 15-minute de-clutter every weekend day
Keep the dining table clear of junk
Paint and put up shelves in basement store room to make pantry

With the Kids
Keep Cranky Mommy in her box

Start walking our trail again
Hike Morse Mtn. when the hawks are migrating
Hike the Kennebec Highlands when the leaves are in full color

For Me
Give up sugar (again--I made it from Memorial Day to mid-July; I was going to start again after Labor Day but had some setbacks)
Exercise daily (for real this time!)

What does autumn have in store for you?


  1. Mostly I am just trying to take it day by day...

  2. I'm impressed. The start of the school year and all the various activities going on leaves me with just enough energy to keep things moving.
    I start making lists again after the holiday season ;)

    Last year, 'make cheese', was on my winter list, but I never got to it. I've never done it before, but after reading Barbara Kingsolver's book a few years ago I got inspired. Maybe this year...

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your fall goals. I love how you organized them by theme--so soothing for my brain.

  4. I love that you HAVE a list of things you want to do and I think 50% is darn impressive. If Paul and I did 1/2 the things we set as goals we'd be thrilled.

    This fall I also want to come up with a meal schedule/plan. Go to the various farmer's markets more regularly and with a LIST. Exercise 4-5 times a week, write every day. I also thought of starting a women's hiking group and taking advantage of this season's Saturday only sports schedule to plan outdoor family adventures on Sundays. We'll see..


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