Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simplifying: Mama Routines

It may have appeared that I'd given up on my Simplifying Project, but really it's been here all along, simmering away on the back burner of my brain. I have had a strong sense, ever since I read the book (Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne) that none of the things recommended for simplifying a child's world would have any effect unless they are also applied to the parents' world. Perhaps Payne assumes that once you declutter and create rhythm for your child, your own decluttering and rhythmizing will follow. But for me, I think it needs to work the other way around; I need routines in my life before I can impose them on my children's life and I need to get rid of half my before I can expect the same of my kids (though I have been getting rid of huge amounts of their junk as well...more on that later).

To start, I have established a schedule for how I spend my after-work hours, to allow for a little more planning and, hopefully, get me home earlier on more days so the kiddos can have some downtime (maybe even less driving!):

Monday: Milk & eggs (local farms)
Tuesday: grocery store, health food store, and/or farmer's market; errands; Goodwill (to get rid of stuff); library; gas
Wednesday: straight home (C takes M to guitar)
Thursday: straight home (all boys to soccer practice)
Friday: milk & eggs

Truly all of these things happened on completely random days before...we'd go get milk a day or two after we ran out; I'd get gas when my car was on empty; I'd go to the grocery store after we ran out of butter or toothpaste. I've only been doing it one week, and last week I got delayed at work Tuesday, ran out of time (didn't think I needed anything at the store anyway), then ended up having to go to the store Thursday (I was going across town to pick up pizza for C's birthday anyway). It's a start, at least, and I'm expecting (hoping) that I'll get into the habit of having a grocery list (maybe it's step one toward a meal plan!) ready on Tuesdays. Wish me luck!

How about you? Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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  1. I've never been a particularly wonderful planner but I have needed to have some plan in the past. That's been mightily shaken by high school, though. Things are now much more day-to-day than I feel comfortable with, but it sort of has to be that way. I have to learn to roll with it.


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