Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Project

Not only have I not done much blogging in the last couple of months, but I haven't done much else constructive, either--writing, sewing, cooking, knitting (except what I got done at the edge of the baseball field).  Even more organizational push has tapered off. Partly it's been my mood, partly it's been other obligations, partly it's been the weather (i.e. beach-going), partly it's been TV[Lengthy aside: I don't watch much TV--usually just Masterpiece on Sunday night and two Netflixes a month--but lately we've been watching The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency TV series, which is so fantastic I have to tell everyone about it. I read several of the books some time ago, and while I don't remember the plots well enough to say how well the episodes follow them, I can say the characters are really well casted, especially Mma Makutsi.  Also there's lots of yummy Botswana scenery (I've been in love with Botswana ever since I first saw one of my favorite movies, The Gods Must Be Crazy, in high school, and reading Cry of the Kalahari back in my pre-children, we should go live in Africa and study wildlife days).  And? It passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors. It's one series I would actually consider owning if I was the type to purchase DVDs.]

Anyway, I have been feeling projectey lately, and though I've been daydreaming about some big and elaborate projects, I haven't had much time.  But I did have make time last Thursday evening, on what was probably the hottest evening of the year hear in Maine (for some reason I like sweating over the sewing machine), when I should have been packing for our weekend away, to make two reversible headbands.

They're from a pattern I printed out some time ago (unfortunately I lost the original web address), and with the heat, it seemed the perfect time to pull my hair back from my face.

Super quick and easy (even with the ironing).  I wore them all weekend, partly because I ended up with such color variety, and partly because once I wore one, my hair was all matted down and it was either keep wearing one or take a shower (What? Shower on vacation?? Blasphemy!)

I love a quick and satisfying project that can make me feel accomplishmentey without much effort at all.


  1. and they are super cute! good choice of project, a little something for yourself is always a good thing :)

  2. They are cute. Now I want to watch that series.


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