Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to love PAAS

Two little bunnies spent the week leading up to Easter hiding eggs, so that the Easter Bunny had to go on an egg hunt before he could fill and hide eggs himself.

After last year's failed cabbage- and onion-dyed eggs, I bought two boxes of PAAS (half-price!). 

We left them in a long time, so they got nice and dark.

(The chick egg cups were a recent Etsy purchase).

M spun his pinwheel around until he got so motion sick, he had to lie down on the couch for an hour .

Everyone remembered last year's Easter Breakfast Feast, so I had to make hot cross buns and fruit salad again.

We had three different egg-dyeing sessions, including one Easter afternoon, after we decided we hadn't made enough in the first two rounds, and 'cause why not? 

The piece de resistance--Lemon Merengue Ice Cream Cake (from Apples for Jam). Sooooo yummy (but next time, I'll put the top merengue on the other way, so it will be prettier). This topped off our traditionally non-traditional dinner of salmon, spanikopita (that was actually Swiss charadikopita) and asparagus with lemon sauce. Spring always puts me in mind of greens and Greek food and lemony things.
Happy Spring to you, dear friends.


  1. That's the trouble when your little ones are old enough to remember, but it sounds like a brilliant Easter breakfast! Really love the eggs, and that first picture is adorable. Sorry I haven't been in touch. I love the Pinwheel picture, but poor pinwheel-spinning M! Happy Easter, looks like you have had a lovely time!

  2. i was thinking of doing the same myself (paas 1/2 price)...most of my natural attempts were pretty lame. and we blew out the eggs this year anyhow, so what does it matter?


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