Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Weekend

Ahhh, three-day weekends.

I had a lovely Saturday afternoon all to myself, with the boys all at friends' houses and C at his mother's. As I so often do, I sat with all of my projects spread out around me, not knowing which to dig into first--like being at a gourmet dessert buffet.  

On Sunday, we went for a walk in the woods and Z decided to trek to his grandpa's house.
 C caught up with him after he'd already crossed the river.

I took the opportunity to kick back in the snow before heading home to what I hoped would be a quiet house (but E and M had beat me there).

And play with close-up photos some more. It was hard to focus with my glasses wet from the snow and fogged from the cold air and my warm face.

Monday the sun came back, one of those bright February days that reminds you spring just might come back.

When I got up in the morning, I found the boys all reading in their room.

Z hates to have his picture taken, so I have to sneak, taking them through the doorway, or of his hands while I'm pretending to look at pictures I've already taken.

I started a little basement re-org/tidy up that I hope to finish and tell you about soon,

And then I threw the kids outside when they started to drive me crazy (making me slightly grateful I don't share their February vacation--at the end of the week one of us might be forced to move out into a snow cave).

I think we all might be suffering from a bit of spring fever (or is it cabin fever?). These lilac buds give me hope we won't have too long to wait.

In the meantime, this is the perfect book to read on a blustery, windy, snowy winter's day, so lovely and haunting and mysterious.


  1. "like being at a gourmet dessert buffet"

    I'm feeling exactly that today. We're preparing to get snowed in for a few days, and I'm trying to decide what last minute things I need and what projects I can do--it's divine!

  2. I love the pictures. We don't have any snow anymore but it's not nice -out there-, so we're doing a lot of painting,too.
    I re-read your article about little boys playing with toy guns again last night and found it very comforting. Much love!


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