Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Things

This is actually a last weekend thing––I finally put together a summer bunting from this great fabric to hang up between our dining area and the sun room (which is a problem photography place, because it is always backlit). 

I had a lovely Saturday afternoon off, with the kids off at friends' houses, and C visiting his family. It had been rainy most of the day, so it was perfect weather for sitting inside and writing, but when it cleared off in the afternoon, I made time for a little hammock reading/meditating.

Sunday I took Z and M to our friends' camp on a lake. I had wanted to go to the ocean beach, but no one wanted to do that, and E didn't want to do anything at all, so he stayed home with C. I know every how-to-raise-twins book recommends it, but it rarely happens that either C or I is alone with one twin without the other. It felt very strange, but I think both of them enjoyed it a lot. E played legos and picked blueberries with C and helped make muffins. Z got to go fishing with our friend and his daughter.

M, meanwhile, chillaxed with his book on the beach. I visited with friends and swam a bit and chased little critters around with my camera (and net).


Widow skimmer.

Slaty skimmer.

We watched a big rainstorm roll across the lake. There was no lightning, so the boys stayed our right until the first big drops landed, when we dashed to the car and home for the evening.

Over the last couple of nights, the temperatures have dropped down into the 50s. E, who wears flannel pajamas even when it's 90, tucked his pants into slippers and donned a wool hat for sleeping last night. Hopefully it's just a fluke, and not an early sign of fall––it got nice and hot and sunny again today (but blessedly dry), so I have hope for a few more beach days before summer's out.

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