Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Little Colorado Vacation

My cousin got married last week, which seemed like as good an excuse as any to take a trip to Colorado.

Since it was a holiday week, the boys and I only had to miss four days of school/work.

It turns out they don't celebrate Columbus day there, so the zoo on Monday was remarkably un-crowded.

(And while I appreciate the sentiment, I would not want to lose any of my holidays.)

In addition to the zoo,

we said "hello" to the Colorado river.

Spent a day at the hot springs (no photos of that, though, being all wet and all).

The boys found it a novelty to be swimming in almost (but not quite) snowing weather.

We ate lots of Mexican food.

And looked at lots of beautiful scenery.

We had hoped to go to the Great Sand Dunes or Dinosaur National Monument,

but they were both closed due to the shutdown (thanks a heap, congress).

We went on a couple of chilly picnics,

and did some low-key hiking.

Visited a historic site,

And got snowed on just a little.

Enjoyed gorgeous foliage,

And, of course, took the requisite Twin No. 1 

And Twin No 2 Cabin photos.

Two of us did a whole heck of a lot of make-up school work (and a whole heck of a lot of complaining about said work) and even more playing with Dr. Waffles Tragidonius, who didn't scratch anyone this time.

And, of course, the wedding (complete with break-dancing monk––what wedding doesn't have one of those?)

It was fun and exhausting, as all vacations spent visiting family are. Now we're all adjusting back to the Eastern timezone and school and work schedules.


  1. Lovely photos. Seems like a great trip. Did it make you long to move back?

    Love the break-dancing monk image. We went to a wedding (same sex couple) two years ago where everyone hit the floor and danced together with great gusto, including the gay NYC club fellas and the robed Episcopal monks. What a blast AND a grand affirmation of love!

  2. It sounds fabulous! And I'm with Sara--I love that there was a break-dancing monk there. Do you have video?

  3. No video, sadly, but it's impressive that the worm is do-able in a floor-length robe with rosaries and such dangling off of it.

  4. What a great trip! I should really get to Colorado more often--it's much less of a distance for me--but that long drive through Western Kansas is a deterrent. I can't wait to take the Kid skiing when he's old enough though.

  5. Meryl--You should definitely go! We've made the cross-country drive many, many times and twice we've gone through Kansas. Having grown up next door believing it was a wasteland, I was surprised how beautiful your state really is! (Much nicer to drive through than Nebraska!!) I loved the gentle rolling contours of the land and deep arroyos, the long views over grasslands and wheat fields and the singing meadowlarks on ever fence post. Once we drove through in May and the lilacs planted all along the highway (as windbreaks? snowbreaks? just for fun?) were in bloom and it was heavenly. The other time M was three, and we camped at a state park that contained a reservoir in a limestone canyon (I don't remember what it's called) and visited nearby Mushroom Rock (which is, as the name suggests, a giant mushroom-shaped rock just sitting there in the middle of the prairie).

  6. There are those blue shoes again! Great pics and stories.

  7. Thanks, Rachel! My sisters made fun of them, so I'm glad SOMEONE appreciates my awesome blue shoes.


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