Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Double Jinx

M and his buddy C had another performance this past weekend. It was at a multi-band show that was, unfortunately, poorly attended, but included some pretty sweet sound equipment, lights, and even a fog machine that gave the place that seedy bar feel.

A couple of members of the band that came before them tag-teamed on playing drums for the boys, since they have yet to find a drummer for their band. They played some of their standards--"Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Black Blood" (a Double Jinx original), "Blitzkrieg Bop"--and added in a few that I hadn't heard them play all the way through yet (some that, perhaps, I'd never heard all the way through even on the radio, which didn't stop "Enter Sandman" from running through my mind when I lay wide-awake at four in the morning Sunday night...and no, I did not appreciate the irony).

Every time they play, I'm just astounded by their confidence, poise, and skill. The two of them get together almost every Saturday and learn and practice songs, some of which they have worked on with their teachers, some of which they figure out on their own, and some they write from scratch. It's the ultimate in self-directed learning. Since the beginning of the school year, I had been fretting that middle school wasn't really challenging M, but now I see that it's really a gift for him to have the time free of homework to focus on something he's really passionate about.

After Double Jinx finished their set, we stayed and watched the really loud band that came after (don't worry, he has earplugs on under that hat). Watching M onstage in his hunter orange cap reminded me of this:

He wore that fuzzy orange hat for three winters straight--indoors and out. Despite the hat, I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around those two boys being the same person. How did we get here from there? And will I be looking back at that boy on stage one day, wondering how he got to be the man he will become all too soon?


  1. Yes - it is wonderful when the curriculum at school leaves time for their passions. How fantastic that your little boy is in a band! And yes - long days, short years, as the song goes....so true.

  2. I am so impressed and amazed by him (and you, my friend). He is poised because that is the son you have nurtured and challenged all these years. I wish I could see him on stage live!


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