Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Motherhood Muse and April One Small Change

The Spring issue of The Motherhood Muse (Secret Gardens) e-zine is available today!
This issue includes my Mother Nature's Muse literary reflections column featuring Louise Erdrich's wonderful book, The Blue Jay's Dance: A Birth Year, and many more great pieces of writing. I admittedly have only had time to read half of my advance copy, but I've enjoyed everything I've read so far. You can purchase this issue for $4 or subscribe for $14.

April Change

My One Small Change for April is to recognize that hoarding is not the same as recycling, and find homes or recycling options for many of the things hanging around our basement that I'm not sure how to recycle, but that I can't bear to throw in the trash (a bag of toothbrushes, vinyl zipper bags, 3.5 inch floppy disks, etc.). I kicked it off earlier this week, taking a one-gallon (plastic) Ziploc bag of plastic cutlery to the kitchenette at my office. Most of the forks and spoons came with an apartment we rented like 15 years ago (the rest came in with various take-out meals), and while I never use plastic cutlery (and if I do I wash and re-use it), I for some reason never offered them up to anyone who does--because then they would get thrown away. But now at least they will get to fork up a few bites of cake before their final demise. Even though this is the final month of the official challenge, it's never too late to make One Small Change. In fact, I'm thinking about keeping it going all year.


  1. "Hoarding is not the same as recycling." Have you been hanging out at my house again? :)

    Seriously, though, thanks for the continued inspiration to look around and see how better to make use of the things that clutter up our lives. Looking forward to your updates this month!

  2. I went to a friend's house the other day and almost got clobbered by his towering stack of paper egg cartons, which were waiting for some perfect recycling option.

    So yes, hoarding is not the same as recycling.

    A great goal!

  3. Great change!! I need to remember this, too.

  4. Great mantra, I love it! I get easily overwhelmed by visual clutter, yet we live next door to my hubby's "save everything" (i.e. hoarding) parents. I'm trying to find the right balance of saving to reuse/repurpose vs. having an extra barn/garage/basement/attic filled so full that one must re-purchase because there's no way to find that original something anymore! ;-)
    Good luck!

  5. I love "hoarding is not the same as recycling!" That is so funny, and I think a lot of us can relate. It's something I'm struggling with this month as I attempt to reduce our trash output. At the same time, I don't need my stash of random crap to grow!


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