Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Picking Winterberry

This has been a bumper year for these festive berries that line the roadsides, especially in wet areas. I was able to find some on our property without having to venture too deeply into the bog.

Finger Knitting

E rediscovered finger knitting and had knitted up about three miles of "garling" for the Christmas tree by the end of the weekend.

Being Thankful

We all took a turn writing (and drawing) what we're thankful for in our Gratitude Journal.


OK, I only included this picture to show off my Thanksgiving table runner one more time, but I do love it so!

Tracking Turkeys

This was the one that got away, apparently. He and his mates were so happy to have made it past Thanksgiving, they danced all over our yard.

Muddy Biking

And Rolling Giant Snowballs

Because the seasons flow seamlessly into one another.


A few projects.


Getting a jump on next month's Total Overhaul room, and finally putting that third coat of paint on the north wall.

Tree Hunting

Thanksgiving weekend is insanely early (for me) to get a tree, but the boys wanted it early since we're going away for the holidays (last week E was crying because he didn't want to go to Colorado for Christmas because if we do, he "won't have enough time to look at the tree." I melted.) and next weekend is chock-a-block full of to-dos.

It's funny to read last year's tree-getting post about how anxious it made me to get the tree early (the first weekend of December) and how this year I didn't mind at all a whole week earlier. Maybe it was the snow. Or maybe I'm lightening up. I mostly thought about how we've made this same trip into the woods for a tree with a baby in a sling, and a toddler in a sled, and two babies in back packs and to toddlers in two sleds, and now they can put on their own snow pants and have snow ball fights the whole way and express their opinions about trees and saw through the trunk themselves.

We won't decorate it till next weekend (really, November is far too early). But we did clean and rearrange the living room, so that, in between the scheduled activities, all we'll have to do is cut off the bottom four feet or so of stem (C gets closer and closer every year to his dream of taking the top six feet of a giant balsam fir) and stick it in its stand.


  1. What a great post! The whole thing reminded me of why we blog.

    I love the miles-long garling and your table runner.

    I can completely empathize with E's anxiety about not getting to look at the tree for long enough!

  2. Lovely. All of it!

    We usually end up getting our tree a week before Christmas, because I'm afraid it will dry out and burn my house down AND my kids constantly mess with the ornaments. On the tree. Off the tree. On the tree. Off the tree... you get the idea. Maybe this year I will cave and get it a week earlier... if we get our living room finally finished :)

  3. Lovely! We're all decorated already - I try to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving lest I never get to it.


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