Friday, June 7, 2013


Last weekend, the boys and I spent a day at the Fiber Frolic. Watching the sheepdog demonstration is always a highlight of the event.

As is, of course, all the gorgeous fiber.


And a whole booth of fantastic vintage notions, beautifully displayed (from here).

Maybe it was the heat, but there didn't seem to be as many sheep and alpacas as usual (and I didn't see any llamas), 

but the boys were fascinated to watch this alpaca being shorn.

They always try to talk me into buying a bunny ("Pet this one mom. See? You're not allergic. You didn't sneeze or anything.").

We managed to walk away without a rabbit, but I did come home with a gorgeous skein of grey angora rabbit yarn, which needs to find its way into a project very soon.


  1. Um - do they Skin the bunnies? Or just sheer them? Oh, oh, oh....

  2. No, no, no skinning! They comb them and the loose fur comes off in little soft tufts.

  3. Two of my kids take their rabbits to a similar event at a farm about a half-hour outside Seattle. There's sheep to be sheared, butter to be churned, wool to be felted, water to be pumped. It's a lot of fun, but sadly there is no beautiful yarn to be purchased. Enjoy your new skein!

  4. The yarn sounds yummy! I would love to have an angora bunny someday, but I'm afraid that will have to be post-Moe.


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