Monday, May 18, 2015


These two turned ten yesterday.

Like every year around this time, I've gotten caught up in the planning and preparing for three birthdays and all of the other busy-ness that May brings and I haven't really sat and reflected on the idea that my babies are a whole decade old already.

(I always swore I would never bake them one cake to share, but Z wanted this Devil's Food Bundt Cake--he's a fan of Martha Stewart--and that was quite cake enough for both of them. They didn't seem to mind sharing. And the cake? Sinful.)

I guess I just want to remember them as they are now. Silly. Fun. Funny.

Still full of wonder and excitement over simple things, like flowers and birds.

Big-toothed. Crazy-haired.

Wholly themselves, with no concern for what anyone thinks.

The best of friends (even though they would never admit it). 

Oh, yeah, and they took second and fifth in the mile run at school today (they definitely did NOT get that from me!).


  1. Congratulations mama! Phew, 10 years is a big deal. :)

  2. Happiest of days to them, and happy birthing day to you Andrea. Wow 10!!!! That is a big deal, for them and for you :)

    1. Thank you, Kim. 10 does seem big. It hasn't quite sunk in yet!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your little darlings. My goodness, they are cute! And thank you for the recipe link... YUM!


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