Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Summer in the Margins

The only thing worse than spending eight hours a day in an airless cubicle is spending eight hours in an airless cubicle on a hot, sunny day. To make up for those wasted days, I've been trying to squeeze an entire summer into our weekends. Over the last few, we've: Made a quick trip to Acadia National Park.

 Stopped in on the old Alma Mater.

Taken a puffin cruise.

Visited the Botanical Gardens.

And hung out on the beach. 

All this rushing around seems antithetical to the whole point of the season, which is, as far as I'm concerned, to lie in the hammock with a large stack of books and a pitcher of lemonade. But I don't want to wake up on that first cold day in fall (or the first day of school) and realize we forgot to have a summer.


  1. Man that water is beautiful....your photos are making this office-dweller's day!

  2. Wow, looks incredible. Looks like a place I need to visit :)

  3. Gorgeous pics! I want to go to your alma mater! :-)


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