Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wild Wednesday ~ Nature Through a Child's Eyes

Saturday we went on a stomp through the muddy woods, with Z leading us on a circuitous route to the river. I coaxed E, who was in a snit, to come along by offering him the use of my camera. I love what he saw.


  1. I always love seeing what my little man captures with his camera.

    Great shots!

    1. It's so cool to get a glimpse into their minds, isn't it? I expected a lot of blurry, mid-distance landscape shots, like I took when I was ten, but this kid is clearly more sophisticated than I was!

  2. There were no digital cameras when we were ten so I think you can forgive yourself a little! I love it when my children take charge of the camera for a while, I find all sorts of suprises!

    What's a snit?


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