Thursday, June 16, 2016

CT Gear Post #2 ~ The Boys' Clothes

In amassing clothes for the boys, I had to buy almost everything new, being as they don't already have a closet full of 20+ years' of accumulated clothing, like some of us. This is where places like Campmor, Sierra Trading Post, Target, and outlet stores came in extra handy. Also handy was the fact that their birthdays were just a few weeks ago, so I could wrap up everything I bought and give them as presents. The kids may not have been thrilled by this, but I thought it was pretty clever.

Boys' clothes, worn:

Item Brand Ounces Source / Notes
Shirt M: Russell
EZ: Champion
M: 5
EZ: 3
Closet. I didn’t realize how heavy this was. Might replace.
Socks M: Champion
EZ: Smart Wool
M: 1

EZ:  1
M: Target

EZ: LL Bean Outlet.
Convertible Pants Columbia M: 7
EZ: 6.5
Hat E: Columbia
ZM: Eddie Bauer
E: 2
ZM: 3
Closet / Reny’s
Eddie Bauer Outlet
Underwear Champion M: 1.5
EZ: 1
Total Worn

M: 17.5
E: 13.5
Z: 14.5

Boys' clothes, carried:

Item Brand Ounces Source / Notes
Bug/ Sun Shirt M: Eddie Bauer
M: 6

EZ: 5
EB Outlet

REI (online); difficult item to find in kids’ sizes!!
Rain Coat LL Bean M: 9
Z: 10
Closet / LL Bean.
Extra Socks (2) M: Champion
EZ: Smartwool
M: 2

EZ: 3

LL Bean Outlet. E and Z wear nothing but SmartWool knee socks. Don’t ask me why. I found some lighter hikers at the outlet (labeled “irregular” so they’re less dear).
Extra Undies (2) Champion
Puffy Coat Patagonia M: 13
EZ: 14
M: Closet / Patagonia outlet. EZ: Patagonia outlet. M’s had his for a couple years; I guess it’s lost weight over time.
Beanie Hat DIY
Made a bunch of these earlier this year.
Neck Warmer Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Outlet. A cheaper version of the Buff.
Gloves ??
Reny’s. These are those one-size-fits-all jobbies that cost about $1.99.
Rain Pants DIY
LL Bean Outlet
Long Underwear Top Polar Skins M: 6

EZ: 5
Sierra Trading Post. May is a good time to to buy long johns cheap.
Bandanna ??
Closet. Pretty sure I’ve owned this since high school and it came on our first CT hike. 
Microfleece Leggings Polar Skins M: 6

EZ: 5
Sierra Trading Post. May is a good time to to buy long johns cheap.
Trekking Umbrella euroSCHRIM
Total Carried

Z: 3 lb, 13 oz
M: 4 lb, 1 oz
(Includes stuff sack)

Notes: I'm still using the kitchen (analog) scale for weighing--so numbers aren't as precise as they could be. M's clothes are heavier because he wears bigger sizes. He wears mens' sizes on top, kids' for pants/shorts. Interestingly, it's often easier to find outdoor gear in adult sizes (and therefore easier to find good deals on same). I hope for their base weight (pack, sleeping quilt, sleeping mat, and clothes) to come in well under 10 lbs. On top of that, I anticipate each kid will carry his water and snacks for the day, and M should be able to carry a bit more food. The more food he carries the less I have to. I think I did pretty well, both cost- and weight-wise. We'll see when I put it all on the scale with sleeping gear and miscellaneous items. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend! 


  1. You are rolling right along with your preparations. I am getting excited for you :)

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