Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Windsor Fair

I'm not a huge fair fan, but C was out of town Friday, so I took the boys to the Windsor Fair, and had a good time despite myself. I prefer the right (north) end of the fair, where the animals and historic exhibits are (although I could do without all the bizarre commercial tents), and would stay on that end altogether if it were up to me (avoiding carnies and junk food at the other end), but of course we went over and went on rides (three each--no bracelets; that's what kind of mean mom I am), ate some hot dogs and French fries (I had the homemade falafel sandwich on homemade, wood-fired pita bread--yum!). E, Z and M were entranced by the pottery demonstration, and M could have spent the whole day in the blacksmith shop. We also spent a good half hour digging potatoes in the ag education tent. And I got my maple cotton candy fix for the year.

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