Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade Holiday: Kid-Made Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts

I decided to have the kids make freezer paper stencil shirts for their peeps again this year. (We did a few two years ago). It's a relatively painless gift-making process that results in a useful object. Yea.

M made this for his uncle K, stealing a scorpion design from a book he's been reading:

When I asked Z's auntie E what her favorite color and animal were, she said "If you're getting me a pet, I want a unicorn with a rainbow mane." So that's what she got:

For E's uncle E, I used a picture he'd drawn at school of the Brothers in their Brothermobile, from the ongoing saga of The Gold and Silver Stone, which takes place in Tom Lighthouse's World.

M did some fancy lettering to make a #1 PAPA shirt for C, and Z traced some stars:

For Grandpoppy, M drew an owl. I've never in my life seen my dad wear a shirt with any kind of picture or lettering on it, so we went with small and subtle. Maybe he'll make an exception for his grandkids' work.

See this great tutorial on freezer-paper stenciling, see my friend Sara's blog. This time around, the kids got more involved than last time (when I did the actual tracing, cutting and painting after they went to bed). They drew the pictures, picked the colors and did some of the painting. I traced the designs onto the freezer paper stencils, and wielded the Xacto knife and the iron.

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  1. Thanks for the cool gift idea. (And it appears from the scorpion that one of your boys has been bitten by the "Alex Rider" bug!)


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