Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade Holiday: Kid-Made Pillows

M came up with the idea, all on his own, to make pillows for people using these pieces of turquoise velour that have been everything from capes to turbans to bed curtains to tablecloths in the boys' room over the last couple of years. We cut a couple of them up and I introduced M to the sewing machine. The fabric was not a good choice for a first sewing project, all stretchy and curly and pilly and slippery, but he forged ahead valiantly. We stuffed them with buckwheat hulls and lavender, and I have no photo of the finished product because he was finishing them up late the night before we left (in fact he has a few more to do after we get home).

And, apropos of nothing, I had to take a picture of this little sign M made when I took it down to make room for Christmas cards. What an awesome little radical he is. Take that, Charlie Summers!


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