Friday, December 14, 2012

Handmade Holiday Countdown, Week 2: Dala Horse Ornaments

Every year, one of my sisters, my mom and some of my aunts and I do an ornament exchange for Christmas. I usually end up making a bunch more for my other sisters, my mothers-in-law and other family and friends (if you fall into this category, move along; nothing to see here).

In the past I've made stacking trees, fabric birds, felted birds and acorns. I've been wanting to make something with felt for a while, but hadn't settled on what exactly until this year I got inspired.

My mom gave me a Dala horse for my birthday and I traced around it for a pattern, and cut a whole bunch out of wool-blend felt,

then decorated them with bits of trim and embroidered ribbon from the stash.

Using invisible thread, I sewed on the trip and sewed the front to the back wherever the ribbon met the edge (because I assumed it would be tough to hand-sew through so many layers); I also attached a bit of lace or rick-rack for the hanger at this point (after several, I learned that the hanger needed to be positioned a bit front of center to keep the horse from dipping toward its nose).

Starting at the back of the saddle, I blanket-stitched around the horse using contrasting embroidery floss, and leaving a bit of space, through which I stuffed some wool roving before finishing off the neck.

The finished horses, all in a herd and waiting to be gifted and hung on trees all over the country.

What are you making this season?

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