Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The leaves are turning fast these days.

Everything's golden and orange and red and bronze.

It's that time of year when time seems to be going by extra-fast.

Like if you don't hurry up and enjoy it, life will just pass you by.

We learned recently (from a Ranger Rick magazine) that if you put your ear to an aspen tree, you can hear a sound like a cross between wind chimes and water running through rusty old pipes in a vacant building (I can't believe I grew up in Colorado and never knew this).

We were almost too late to try it out, before the leaves fell off the aspen trees, but now we can't stop putting our ear to every tree we pass. It works best with trees about four to six inches in diameter, with plenty of leaves, in a good wind. We've found that birch and maple make a sound too (but with a different timbre), but oak not so much.

Meanwhile, Z sits under maple trees and waits for a leaf to fall so he can catch it before it hits the ground.

1 comment:

  1. Now I have to go try that with our backyard maples....


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