Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Holiday Making

Last week, in response to the sudden realization that Christmas was just two weeks away, I went into a flurry of activity--shopping, ordering, card-sending, gift-wrapping--moving on autopilot, staying up too late every night, drinking more caffein than usual (which isn't hard to do, since I don't drink much). Thursday I purchased the last gift and put a box in the mail, sure to arrive (touch wood) in time. In celebration, I bought some rum to go in the eggnog and looked forward to a weekend of enjoyable holiday preparations--sans credit card.

In the end, it still felt a bit like ticking things off the list--but they were enjoyable, low-pressure things to check off: wreath-making, cookie-baking, solstice-tree-decorating (including the requisite birdseed ornament fails), and last-year's-wreath-burning. These are the kinds of traditions that mean more to me than the endless buying and giving and getting of stuff and are, I hope, what my kids will remember about the holidays long into the future.


  1. Yes it is about all those lovely traditions, not the endless buying (although many would disagree with us I am sure)

    1. The businesses where we do all that buying would object most strenuously, I'm sure!


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