Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Hikes

There's been much storm and drang about the short, anticlimactic winter we had around these parts, but I have to say I'm very much enjoying the opportunity for snow-free (and bug-free!) early hiking and I've been trying to take advantage of it as much as possible. 

Last Sunday, E, Z, and I went out to breakfast on a gift card Z won in a raffle and then went to walk off the carbs on a hike up the blueberry barrens.

Then this past Saturday, I snuck out by myself to do a little shopping and climbed a local "mountain" when I was done.

The area had been recently cut-over, so the walking was a little rough. 

But it was a beautiful day, and I had a picnic from one of my favorite bakeries.

The next day I managed to drag the whole, reluctant family out for another hike at a nearby preserve.

Those mare's tail clouds brought in about six inches of snow the next day, along with cold weather ("second winter"), but it's mostly melted by now and should be ready for hiking by this weekend.

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