Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Writing Advice

I am a slow, slow writer. Most of the time it takes me months, if not years, to finish an essay. This month I hit "submit" on one I started in April 2014 and another that I made the first notes on in August 2012. I also finished the last scene in a short story which I had started for a call for submissions so long ago that I not only missed the deadline, but the book has already been printed.

So it's nice once in a while to move with a bit more speed. As in, come up with an idea on Monday, research it on Tuesday, write and submit it Wednesday, get the rejection and resubmit Friday, and see it in print a week-and-a-half later.

That's how it went with a short humor piece, Advice to Writers from 80s Hair Bands, that appears on Beyond Your Blog today. C and M helped me research--flipping through their extensive (and dusty) record collection in the basement. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and grateful to Susan at Beyond Your Blog for accepting and publishing it. If you haven't taken a spin around BYB's website, check out all of the great resources for writers, including lists of places to submit and great podcast interviews with editors of magazines and websites.

Meanwhile, if you've always wondered what writing advice Quiet Riot and AC/DC might have to offer you, please check out Advice to Writers from 80s Hair Bands.


  1. A great piece, I really enjoyed it. I remember all those songs too, I love that the bands are hair bands is that the current name for them or have they always been labelled that way? We didn't call them that in the Uk in the 80s but I am not up with the times........

    1. Thanks! I think "hair metal" was always a name for them...but yeah, in the 80s, we just called it "metal." :)

  2. Fun piece Andrea! You made me giggle more than once there. Like you, I was never a glam rock hair badn girl, but can still sing half the songs from the era. :-)


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