Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Little of This, A Little of That

After a couple of months with no income of my own, I'm ready to start bringing home the bacon again, or at least having the cash to purchase the occasional Slate's Bakery cookie. So I've hung out my shingle--over there on the right margin of my blog--as a writer and editor for hire. I haven't quite figured out an advertising strategy yet, although there is a magazine I'd like to approach (not sure how I'll go about it: "You know all those typos in this month's issue? I can help you with that."). In the meantime, if you have any writing or editing needs, drop me a line!

I've also done a little tidying up around the blog. I updated my profile on the About Me page (speaking of which, do you think "About Me" sounds too egocentric? Should I change it to just "About" or my name?).

I discovered that the journal saltfront has spruced up their website, and published my short story, "Stars Come Down," complete with awesome bat artwork, online. I also scanned in an old essay, "Owl Tree," so now you can read online pretty much everything on my Writing page, except the most recent essay, "Monarch Summers," (available by mail from Snowy Egret) and my Arboretum book (still working out how to make these available online).

Finally, my friend and terrific long-distance writing group partner, Amanda, pointed out to me that I had been quoted in this essay about Writing Motherhood, which is kind of cool.


  1. Exciting things happening!
    I like "about" but don't think "about me" is egocentric. The "me" is just obvious.
    Move that writing and editing services button right up there to the top! ;-)

  2. Hmm, have you thought about a patreon account? Might be a place to start...

  3. "About me" is perfect. Makes it personal and intimate. First person instead of second person draws the reader in.



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