Thursday, November 3, 2016

Positively November

November can be a challenging time of year for me. All the leaves are down and the sky is gray, and all that. Add in the holidays bearing down like a runaway truck and I could just curl up by the fire with a stack of books and a cup of tea and go into torpor until the lilacs bloom.

 This year, however, I'm trying to take a different attitude toward this traditionally gloomy month.

On a whim Tuesday morning, I started a month-long Instagram project called "positively November."

Each day of November, I'm going to post one photo of something positive happening in my life—that moment, this month, every day. Big or small. And not necessarily unique to November.

I invite you to join me, using the hashtag #positivelynovember, and together we can all find things to appreciate in these shortening days.


  1. I'm exactly the opposite. November is the month that I just want to stand outside and never close my eyes. (Although it's been way too warm so far.) But I will enjoy watching for your photos!

  2. Cool idea! I'll join along <3V

  3. Such a great idea! If I was on Instagram, I'd join you :)


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