Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wild Wednesday ~ Snow Day

Monday we had a snow day.

It wasn't the first snow of the season, but it was the first real snow-snow, where enough piled up for tracks and sledding and canceling school.

It's been a long while since the boys would get up and run outside, snowsuits over pajamas, to play first thing in the morning.

Their electronic devices sing a sweeter siren song than snow and I had to cajole and bribe them to go out and stay out.

One of them, mad at me because I didn't want to drive in the snow to take him to his friend's house, never went out at all.

No one wanted to accompany me on a walk through the woods, so I went on my own. Saw a few tracks—squirrel (first photo) and these that I'm not sure who they belong to. The diagonal arrangement makes me kind of thing weasel family, but they're so close together. Thoughts?

Our river has partially frozen over already, which didn't happen at all last winter. I'll take that as a good sign of a white Christmas and winter to come.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos, so pretty. Love the background story of the boys...too funny.


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