Friday, December 29, 2023

I Did It! 2023 Edition

It's time again for the annual pat-myself-on-the-back post. Past years can be viewed here: 2022, 2021 (Apocalypse Year 2) 2020 (Apocalypse Year 1), 2019 (including decade-in-review), 201820172016201520142013. Let's jump right into 2022's I Did Its! Shall we?

Andy Goldsworthy landscape installation at Alnoba in New Hampshire, here for no reason
other than it's a place I visited this year and never got around to writing about it. Also it's cool!

Writing I Did Its!
Travel & Adventure I Did Its!
  • We went to Europe!!! Can't really top that.

  • Went on some local adventures to museums and other sites of interest around Maine, and one in New Hampshire, with family, friends, and on my own.
  • Did *some* kayaking, but much less than in recent years.
Arts & Crafts I Did Its!
  • Knit *one* pair of mittens!
  • Took up mosaic-making (mosaicing?), and made three projects, including these two:

Other I Did Its!
  • Got my older kid graduated from college and the younger two from high school. (Is this really my accomplishment? I don't care--I'm taking credit for it!)
  • Got the younger two kids off to college.
  • Hosted my parents for a couple of weeks in the spring (around those grads) and my sister for a few days in the fall.
  • Created a true space of my own in the vacated bedroom.
  • Maintained pretty regular yoga and walking routines (not-quite-daily).
  • Kept a daily journal and a fairly regular morning pages routine.
I have some ideas about what I want to accomplish in 2024, writing-wise, and otherwise. But for now I'll just bask in the glow of self-congratulation for having written a novel and traveled to Europe and learned a new craft.

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